Augusta and Dirceu - Usui Reiki Distance attunements
Reiki masters and practitioners may send energy at distance like psychic healers, reiki initiations are made through attunements, whereby common people are transformed into natural holistic healers. Tibetan           Usui/Tibetan

          Johrei Reiki

          Vajra Reiki

Import features of Reiki:
  • Reiki is a cosmic energy 
  • Reiki always works in behalf of the recipient 
  • Reiki cannot be used for evil purposes because it is based on universal love 
  • Reiki has not any restriction and is complementary to any treatment 
  • Reiki works in 3 levels:
Body, mind and soul
My email:
My address: (for Reiki attunement purposes, send photo enclosed)
Dirceu C.Ferreira
Rua Sargento Silva Nunes, 299
21.040-230 – Ramos – Rio de Janeiro –RJ

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